Positive affirmations for work: 5 motivating ways to start the day

We all need positive affirmations for work. Some days, it will be a real struggle to get your head into gear, and perhaps you’ll need about five coffees just to feel normal. Other days, you’ll be motivated and ready to bring your best creative mind to work. All of those days can begin with just five positive affirmations.


Knowing that amazing opportunities are coming our way – and expecting those incredible blessings – allows us to work with the law of attraction. The more we focus on the idea that today will go well at work, the likelihood of that belief happening increases.

Opportunities can come up at work all the time, whether it’s getting a promotion, pay rise, or perhaps being onboarded onto a project you’ve always dreamed of working on. Many would dream of holding the position you do in the workplace – and now it’s your chance to embrace it with open arms.


The inevitability of going to work is that there will be challenges: a lot of them. Hurdles and difficulties will certainly come up, and the quicker we are willing to accept this, the more strong-willed we become. We are resilient in the face of change or difficulty. We’ve proved this to ourselves throughout our lives.

This isn’t to say that hurdles will only happen at work. We often bring personal issues into the workplace, and this can make it difficult to concentrate or to perform at 100% at work. When this happens, know that you can do this. It’s worth reaching out to your boss to warn them of what’s going on in your life.

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To work is a blessing. We can grow tired with doing the same thing every day, but this is all based on your mindset. When we realise how grateful we are to do a job that allows us to learn, be inspired and become creative, it’s an added bonus that we get paid for it!


You are enough, not just in the work place but wherever you decide to bring your energy. From the moment you were born, you were enough. If you spend a whole lifetime simply trying to prove you are worthy of recognition, you will always be striving for validation. When you know this, you shine from within.

You no longer need to prove yourself but instead, allow your natural talents and skills you’ve learned over time to be recognised. The main person that matters is how you view yourself. There is no competition elsewhere but rather with the old versions of you.


Motivation is not always going to be something you feel in the mornings. However, when you say this affirmation, you will feel an energy shift, enabling you to feel stronger, bolder and more resilient. Keep going, and you will grow in these areas of your life.

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