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The 5am morning routine that will change your life

The 5am morning routine has quickly become popular for its many benefits, with a huge credit to The 5am Club book by Robin Sharma. Waking up at 5am to get your day started productively can change your life… It has certainly done that for me!

How to ease into 5am wake-up

You don’t have to all of a sudden, set your alarm clock for 5am. You will be absolutely knackered! Instead, start to ease yourself into an earlier bedtime. Do it half an hour earlier each evening. Start going to bed at 10pm instead of 10.30pm, and gradually build up to around 9.30pm.

Lay out all of the items you’ll need for that 5am morning routine, depending on how you would like to start your day. If you’re planning to journal and meditate, lay your notepad by your bed with a cosy lamp to quickly turn on, or if you’re exercising, lay out your workout clothes.

Then, start to countdown half-hour at a time in the mornings. If you usually wake at 8am, start to set your alarm for 7.30am, then 7am, and so on, until you gradually wake up at 5am with little difficulty. Ensure your first half hour is something easy to get into, such as having a shower or meditating to a guided audio.

the 5am morning routine

Most people who adopt the 5am morning routine do three things: exercise, meditation and journalling, and learning or reading. Each of these practices are designed to last 20 minutes, so that you have an hour to set up your day perfectly, before the rest of your household wakes up.

The aim of waking up at 5am isn’t just to have a moral high ground, either. It is believed that the 5am morning routine will set your life up for self-improvement, which is proven to help you achieve success far easier and quicker, as you have more time to work on yourself before the day even begins.

Productivity, health and happiness are the three core aims of the 5am morning routine, which sets you up to become even more productive and energetic throughout the day. Doing so will motivate you to put the same amount of energy into your other commitments, from family and relationships, to your health and business.

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