Elevate Your Life Through Guided Meditation

Embark on a transformative journey with our guided meditation sessions. Imagine stepping into a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, where the chaos of everyday life fades away, and you’re gently guided into a state of profound relaxation.

Our expertly crafted meditation sessions are more than just moments of calm—they’re opportunities for self-discovery, clarity, and rejuvenation.

Whether you seek stress relief, enhanced focus, or a deeper connection with yourself, our sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs. Join us as we explore the power of mindfulness together, paving the way for a more centered and balanced you. Book your guided meditation now and unlock the serenity within.

“Meditation is simply the act of being silent, focusing on your breath, and slowing down your thoughts. And it changed my life.”


The beginning

Going through my first reporter role for a year was tough, to say the least. I uprooted my life to Southampton, far away from my boyfriend, family and friends. I was faced with really extreme crimes, and having to knock on doors, but along the way, I got to help raise money for people in need and do a lot of fun events, like Isle of Wight festival.

It was a wild year and I loved learning the ropes to the industry, after a three-year multimedia journalism degree. 

When we all had to work from home and leave the office for a few months, I knew that my mental health was not right. I missed my loved ones, felt super lonely, and needed to get back in touch with myself.

So I made it a challenge to meditate for just ten minutes every day. I had used Headspace briefly at university but didn’t keep up the practice, and got back into it in lockdown.

Personal Growth

At first, it was hard to relax and stay still. But the more I practiced, I managed to quieten my mind and focus on my breathing. The benefits I saw increased over time, including:

❣ Infusing life with increased joy and peace

❣ Navigating stress with a newfound calm and resilience

❣ Heightened focus and productivity in my professional career

❣ Cultivating gratitude for the simplicity of life, from mindful eating to appreciating fewer material possessions

❣ Nurturing more meaningful connections by prioritizing those that genuinely contribute to my happiness and recognizing my true worth

enlightenment meditation

An enlightening meditation designed to help you reconnect with yourself when you’re feeling lost, enabling you to become more present, peaceful, and radiating with pure joy from within.

Each session will include a half-hour meditation from start to finish.

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