About Me


Life coaching, for me, is a commitment to guiding individuals toward their goals with a personalised and holistic approach. It’s more than a profession; it’s my way of life—dedicated to fostering growth, resilience, and positive change in the lives of those I work with.


Hey, I’m Celine, a seasoned journalist and life coach living in Basingstoke, with over six years of experience in the media industry. Having secured my dream career and bought my first home with my 12-year partner in my early twenties, I now dedicate my life to young women hoping to achieve the life of their dreams.

My passion for journaling, meditation, and mindset led me to become a certified NLP practitioner, helping women manifest their goals through 1:1 coaching and live group Zoom calls.

I’m confident you’ll leave these sessions with a clear roadmap for achieving your desires, and here’s my promise: a money-back guarantee if you don’t.

Managing Editor

Life Coach

Puppy Parent

NLP Certified


See what others are saying—real stories of growth, resilience, and success from those who’ve shared the journey with me. It’s all about genuine experiences and the real impact of life coaching.

Loved the session this evening you were so natural and it’s soooo your calling in life I loved watching you and being part of it! All positive my end, It’s ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me!!!!


Celine that was so good! I found it interesting when you said about when we were little we just done whatever we wanted without asking for reassurance from other people! So true!!


I had a call with celine and didn’t know what to expect. Was very apprehensive and did not believe in manifestation, however I participated on the call as I wanted to expand my mind and figure my goals for the year. The call was incredible and really opened my mind, not only did we have a lot of fun and manifest what we want in life, but she highlighted key areas I need to focus on and helped me make a clear plan for the goals I want to achieve. Already I have noticed small changes and have started working ok myself in ways I have never thought of. I am so excited to book another session and excited for this new path of growth an peace I am about to embark on. Can not recommend Celine’s call enough and would advise anyone who is trying to grow and expand themselves to try at least once!!!


You are so natural! It’s like you were born to do this. Thank you so much.


Thank you for that call, you’re so zen and relaxing to listen to and I especially loved the self-love tips, will definitely be taking those on board.


Celine I really loved that. What you said is so right about us asking people things because we don’t trust ourselves but actually we already know. Wow I feel enlightened, I really loved that. Thank you.


Lots of opportunities and manifesting some long term goals! I’m fully content at the moment after your guidance. I couldn’t do this without you, honestly your guidance has been incredible! Everything is going toooo well for me! I have an amazing opportunity coming my way after a discussion this morning and once confirmed I will be booking in with you ASAP! I have been in the habit of journaling which I believe has contributed to a couple of amazing things that have happened in the past couple of weeks!


Sometimes I feel as though I need that grounding. Being a really driven individual, I can have exceptionally high expectations and goals which can sometimes feel unrealistic to reach. However through your guidance this last year, I’ve found that I’ve over-exceeded my goals. I’ve seen progression through myself quicker than I ever expected. Your meditations to your listening and supporting skills are out of reach. Everyone should really try you at some point in their life.


Celine made me feel so comfortable in our first session this evening. I felt so much clearer about the things I wanted to work on in my life and felt so lovely when we finished with a meditation.


Thank you so much for my Manifestation session! You made me feel so comfortable and really helped me reconnect with myself. Meditation has always been something I’ve struggled with, but having now done the guided meditation with you I have something I can work from and build on! I look forward to seeing what the universe brings by using your knowledge and manifestation techniques! 💗


I had the coaching call a couple of minutes ago and I couldn’t recommend it enough, Celine was so nice and kind, she asked me what decisions I felt I was struggling with, we talked a lot, and we ended the call with a meditation/visualisation that made me emotional but happy.