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The IOS 18 release date is here – but how addicted are we?

The IOS 18 release date is finally here, bringing more personal, capable, and intelligent features to the popular smartphone. However, fewer people remain present with their reality, and a big part of that is keeping themselves more invested in the outside world than in their own lives.

IOS 18 release date is here

Apple has said iOS 18‘s release date will be this autumn as a free software update for iPhone Xs and later versions. Technology website TechRadar has predicted the launch is most likely to be in September this year, which leaves us with just a few months until the much-anticipated software arrives.

Without the incredible software of iPhones, I wouldn’t have grown my business as much, developed as close connections with friends, or even learned as much as I know about the mind. However, there’s certainly times I spent far too much time comparing my life to other people’s highlights.

How addicted are we to phones?

The western world is seriously addicted to iPhones, so it’s no surprise the IOS 18 release date is something everyone’s excited about. But what is the use of a phone if it’s taking us away from our reality? While it has great benefits such as more access to connection, we often spend hours mulling over everyone else’s lives.

When we become present, we feel grateful, and gratitude leads to more happiness. So when we take our attention away from a tiny digital machine in our hands, we realise how big the world is, and how much time we waste on using our thumbs to doom-scroll.

What if you took that screen time (which is likely around 3 hours or more) and turned it into time spent on nurturing your inner child? What if you spent more time soaking up connections with your loved ones and truly invested in those moments, rather than just ensured you got a cute pic for Instagram with them?

Ways to limit screen time

When your phone needs charging, place it in another room. Don’t lie there scrolling while it’s charging. Instead, use this as your phone-free time, when you can leisurely go for a walk, read a book, watch a series, meditate, or even finally get that piece of work done you’ve been procrastinating over.

Other ways include: setting yourself one day a week where you don’t use your phone, investing in a small machine that locks your phone away for a set amount of time, and setting goals to work on first before you pick up the phone. The latter could be ensuring you get natural sunlight before looking at your phone.

I set daily non-negotiables to work on before I allow myself to pick up the phone. These include attending a gym class, reading for half an hour, meditating and journalling, all before I look at other people’s lives on social media. And why is that? Because I know my life is the one thing I have total control of.

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