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Meaning of ‘Success is not final’ helps us remember what matters

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” Those are the words that Ron DeSantis recently claimed were the words of Winston Churchill, but it turns out the historic figure never said the quote, according to the International Churchill Society. The powerful quote is still something we can use to help us on our healing journey.

Meaning of success is not final

The meaning of the quote is simply that reaching the destination is not the end of our success. It simply means that, when we feel like we’re losing control of our lives, success is not what happens when we get to our desires. That idea of success is happening along the journey.

Forget perfection: it’s about making progress in our lives that counts. So when we finally achieve desires, it’s not the final part of our story. When we reach the financial, relationship, or career goal, that’s simply part of our ongoing success story. Relax, enjoy, and soak up those achievements, but remember they are not everything that you are.

So essentially, the meaning of ‘success is not final’ is that our lives are always changing with the tide. Things don’t always go as planned, while success and failure are not permanent states. Success is something we’re all trying to achieve, and while it can provide a sense of accomplishment, it can lead to complacency.

Failure is not the end

Most business owners fail over and over again before they finally reach success. We adapt to failure, allowing it to make us stronger, and it’s often necessary to remind us not to stay stagnant. Failure can be a huge blessing in disguise, as it gives us a sense of awareness.

As a result, we are usually more open to opportunities we may have missed on the road to ‘success’. You may label a redirection as a failure, but what if that is the initial opening door to your success in the future? A lot of my clients look back on what they thought was a disappointing failure to find it was one of the best things to ever happen to them.

There’s never an end point to any of our life experiences. It’s true when they say nothing lasts forever: you are not a failure. Something just didn’t work out how you planned, but perhaps you were being placed onto a better, more aligned path. Tap into courage instead…

Have courage to keep going

Courage to continue going for your dreams is so important, and that’s why this quote is a great motivator. Listen to your gut: are you giving up because you’re scared you will fail or will you move forwards with courage, accepting that you might fail? You might just discover success on the path to your desires.

Be willing to, in the face of fear, get adventurous and playful, and open your eyes to the possibility that success is already here. The law of attraction proves that energy matches the vibration of who we already are. Act as though you already have all of the success you need, and watch your dreams unfold in front of you.

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