Cow stands in field.

The cow cuddle therapy trend: What are the incredible benefits?

The cow cuddle therapy trend has been on the rise for the last few months. Think puppy yoga, but change it to, well, cows, and more farm life than sitting inside a yoga studio surrounded by household pets. This brings earthing to a whole new level… literally. But what are the benefits – if any?!

Cow stands in field.
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What is cow cuddle therapy?

Cow cuddle therapy is a form of cuddling and stroking hand-raised cows on a farm. The craze has been around since 2022, and two years on, the wellness trend that originated in the Netherlands is proven to be beneficial. Who knew that hugging a cow could improve our level of joy so much?

The craze began to spread across the globe when the pandemic took place, as many people were missing out on connection with family and friends. Luckily, cows became our new best friend, and their calming embrace is proven to have tons of benefits. Cuddling a cow is now a huge, scientifically-proven way to heal.

Cow Companions Sanctuary in Wales is one of few places in the UK where people can visit for this type of therapy, charging from £10 for two hours. Cows are believed to enjoy being petted the same way dogs and cats enjoy a good cuddle. The only difference is they don’t live inside the home!

Benefits of cow cuddle therapy

According to the BBC, cow-hugging can reduce stress because it boosts the level of oxytocin in humans, a hormone that is secreted by the posterior lobe of the brain. It is often called the “cuddle” or “love hormone” because it gets released when people bond socially, and when they cuddle.

Other benefits include a slower heart rate thanks to a cow’s naturally slow pulse and warm body temperature, feelings of love and acceptance, and reduced symptoms of depression. Plus, it’s a totally different physical experience which is perfect for anyone who struggles to get in touch with their body on an emotional level.

From a life coach perspective, this trend is definitely worth jumping on as it allows you to not just have a cool day out, but connect with animals that live close to the grass and earth. Back in the day, we would often be far more connected to nature. So just getting off your phone for a couple of hours and embracing the experience will do you the world of good.

cons of the new trend

The same way puppy yoga became controversial is a similar con for cow cuddle therapy. One could argue that cows are simply farm animals who want to eat grass and go about their day, so it’s not really fair to subject them to this new craze they have zero say in. However, cows are believed to enjoy being petted and groomed.

Another con is that you will likely leave the farm a bit whiffy! It is usually advised that people don’t have 1-on-1 time with the cows unless both the animal and the person have a mutual likening to one another, while farm owners will teach visitors the dos and donts when it comes to the large animals.

Most of the experiences involve a cost, so there’s the aspect of spending that comes into play. However, investing in your mental health is so important! Forget your Starbucks coffee for the day and you won’t get a caffeine crash but an emotional boost that will leave you feeling amazing for days.

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