What is life coaching all about? Basingstoke life coach answers your Qs

Life coaching is all about improving your overall habits to lead you to a more fruitful, fulfilling lifestyle. Basingstoke life coach Celine Byford dives into the world of coaching, why she decided to qualify in the ever-growing field, and why she has a 100% success rating after just two sessions with her clients.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is someone who guides and encourages clients to make positive changes to their lifestyle. A coach analyzes a client’s daily thoughts, behaviour, and habits to understand how they can better work towards their goals, similarly to the way a personal trainer helps someone improve their physical health, but in the mental form.

A certified NLP life coach like Celine Byford has the qualified skills and tools to change someone’s thoughts and behaviours to help achieve desired outcomes for them. It is proven to reduce anxiety and improve overall wellbeing. Celine’s coaching program has a 100% success rate after just two 1:1 sessions.

The practice became popular in the 1970s and has gone on to improve people’s lives for the better. Anyone who has had life coaching before will express how important it is to have someone there to guide you without judgement and with your best interests at heart, while keeping you accountable using proven techniques.

Can life coaching help you?

Do you…

  • Feel stuck with life, as though you’ve reached a wall and can’t move forward?
  • Criticize and shame yourself constantly?
  • Have certain beliefs about who you are that keeps you in the comfort zone?
  • Feel like you’ve lost your self-love and confidence?
  • Often become stressed over your future?

If you answered yes to any of those, life coaching will help you…

  • Manifest your dream life using proven techniques.
  • By relying on an accountable coach to lift the stress off and keep you motivated.
  • Feel a sense of peace in your heart from the moment you wake up.
  • Achieve a consistent feeling of self-love, joy and fulfilment every day.
  • Generate feelings of ease using meditation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Understand and change how limiting beliefs are affecting your present and future.

Why choose coaching with cb?

Celine Byford is the owner of Coaching With CB, as well as a reality TV journalist and managing editor. Since qualifying as an NLP life coach and practitioner on David Key’s Auspicium program in early 2023, Celine has helped women all over the world to reach levels of success they never thought possible until they began life-changing sessions with her.

Coaching With CB has a proven success rate when it comes to clients achieving their goals after just two sessions. The Basingstoke life coach is experienced when it comes to helping women go from hating their lives to achieving their biggest dreams, in their careers, relationships, and personal aims. She decided to start coaching after realizing how much spirituality helped her find a true sense of joy and fulfillment.

She uses meditation practices, manifestation tools, and self-love techniques to help clients achieve the same level of happiness. Life doesn’t have to be difficult… You just need to take accountability, identify the fears getting in your way, and allow yourself to ask for guidance.

what format do sessions take?

Each session takes 60 minutes and can be done in person or via Zoom, involving a focus on their goals, an intro and closing meditation, and mindfulness techniques. Celine also offers half-hour meditation sessions, as well as 10-hour coaching programs tailored to the individual.

Anyone hoping to have a 10-hour program with Celine is asked to either book a free 20-minute introduction call or email her at celinebyford@hotmail.co.uk expressing your interest with details of your goals, with an idea of which times and days work for you.

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