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How to remain mindful in the workplace: 5 top tips

When we’re at work, it’s easy to get lost in translation and find ourselves getting stressed and overwhelmed with the pile of work tasks we have to tick off. There are ways we can get through these tasks during our regular 9-to-5 jobs – which can make working super fun and far less stressful.

tips to stay mindful in the workplace

  • Figure out your productive hours
  • Write out a to-do list
  • Speak to your colleagues
  • Take a walk on your breaks
  • Regular mindfulness

figure out your productive hours

Each of us has a time when we feel most productive. Some of us are night owls (me at university!) while the rest are usually best when they work in the mornings, as their mind is fresh and at its most awake, having had a long night’s sleep. And we all know what that afternoon slump feels like…

By working out your most energised, productive hours, you can make sure you get the most important tasks of the day done within that time. For me, it’s often between 9.30am to 12pm, when my mind feels most creative, but by around 2pm, I know my energy starts to dwindle.

Write out a to-do list

Checklists are the perfect way to ensure you get that hit of dopamine every time you complete a task. This method also helps us as it allows us to see our tasks in writing rather than keep it all jammed up in our heads. Plus, our bosses will be happy as we won’t forget the tasks we are expected to complete.

Tick off each task once done, and perhaps even give yourself a small treat each time. It could be as small as grabbing a cup of tea after each task or even taking five minutes to have a dance break. Release that energy and allow yourself to dance. Who said working meant you had to sit at a desk all day?

speak to your colleagues

Your colleagues are, of course, there to help and work with you as a collective team. That can be in work projects but also in your personal and mental health. Talk to your colleagues if you are struggling. Most of the time, they’ll be more than willing to give you advice and may even feel the same.

There’s a reason HR departments exist! Please don’t suffer in silence. Your bosses would prefer you to be given the support you deserve, because it won’t just increase your work output down the line, but helps you feel less alone. A great team is a team that has each other’s backs during difficult times.

Take a walk on your breaks

It only takes two minutes for a walk to reset our nervous system. By telling ourselves we’ll head for a short walk around the block, we usually end up strolling for even longer, but without the pressure of feeling as though we need to walk for an hour. Walking is far more effective, physically and mindfully, than watching Netflix.

Energy that becomes stagnant can often be moved through the body. We take so much information in at work, so why not allow that to physically shift rather than let it sit on your shoulders and increase tension? It’s why we carry so much stress in the neck and shoulder area!

Regular mindfulness

Add in mindfulness breaks throughout the day. Instead of just grabbing a cuppa or scrolling through your phone, take ten minutes to practice meditation or even just sit outdoors and take in some air with your eyes closed. When we return to work, we feel more invigorated and focused, instead of chaotic and stressed.

Ten minutes before work, try sitting in silence. This allows us to reset our minds, letting the stresses of our personal lives slowly drift away. Guided meditations are available on YouTube and Spotify. I offer five-minute meditations for busy working people that would start your day off perfectly!

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