3 thought-provoking meanings behind Banksy artwork to improve your life

Banksy has just floated a raft at Glastonbury Festival 2024. He’s done several incredible, ground-breaking pieces of artwork. Let’s look at the meanings behind Banksy artwork, from the infamous stop sign to the recent extravaganza he performed at a popular UK festival.

Stop sign by banksy

The infamous red stop sign by Banksy had three military drones on it but was taken by a man with bolt cutters. It was based in Peckham and is believed to be encouraging people to stop fighting in the war. In fact, it’s ironic as Banksy’s artwork is in itself, a way to fight against politics and war across the world.

It’s almost as though we follow traffic lights as a matter of order, but continue to watch war happen in front of our eyes and on TV and news. With innocent people being killed every day, it’s a clear sign that we allow terrible things to happen and almost become numb to the pain we feel towards

Glastonbury artwork meaning

Glastonbury Festival saw a new piece of Banksy artwork featuring small boat rafts, The message appears to be tying in with Idles’ lyrics about immigration, criticism of rightwing governance and calls for empathy. The raft was launched while the Bristol rock band performed Danny Nedelko, a 2018 release.

The song opens with the lyrics, “My blood brother is an immigrant, a beautiful immigrant.” It is thought the boat was designed to start a conversation around the small boats carrying migrants arriving on Southern England’s shores and the language that politicians have used to describe these.

With the election coming up, the timing makes sense. We could also use this meaning to realise how we are ALL love, and how we have become divided by opposing each other from different walks of life. What if we chose to love and be one instead of divide and conquer each another?

Girl reaching for balloon

This is my favourite Banksy artwork ever. For me personally, the meaning behind it is as though love is so close yet just out of reach for some. It’s important to be friendly with everyone, but not friends with everyone in life, and to continue giving love to others – because we never know what someone is going through.

Some believe the balloon may have slipped from her grasp in the strong wind, been intentionally freed, or flown past her. Banksy’s written message, “There is always Hope,” portrays the need to remain optimistic in the face of difficulty, particularly when it comes to politics.

Banksy also reworked Girl With Balloon in 2017 to feature a Union Jack balloon and offered Bristol locals who voted against the Conservative government a free print. The council painted over it when it first appeared across London in 2002, under Waterloo Bridge at London’s Southbank Centre.

Girl reaches for red heart balloon in art by Banksy.
Image by Zorro4 from Pixabay

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