The Winner’s mindset by Shane watson: 5 incredible lessons I learned

The Winner’s Mindset by Shane Watson sees one of cricket’s greatest allrounders take us through his thought process as a famous sportsperson. The book is described as the ultimate guide to changing your mindset and achieving success every time. Here’s five incredible lessons I learned from the masterpiece…

A form of manifestation

Manifesting isn’t necessarily what Shane Watson teaches in nature, but my interpretation of what he teaches in The Winner’s Mindset is that he became so focused on envisioning the ideal scenario playing out for him that he works with quantum physics to attract more of what he wants – to win. This is called the law of attraction.

Winning is all in mindset

Winning is all in the mindset. The Winner’s Mindset by Shane Watson teaches that the dominant thought drives our action, especially when it comes to emotion. So when you feel like you won’t win, you’re right, and when you feel like you will, chances that you become a champion go higher in the stakes.

Trust your gut

Your gut instinct is a messenger of spirit. Let’s have less overthinking up here, using logic and influence of those around us instead of our own, individual intuition. We become bodily-connected when we listen to those niggling feelings within our gut. If something doesn’t feel right, take that as a clear sign to avoid it.

perspective is important

How we perceive the world is so important. The Winner’s Mindset by Shane Watson teaches the glass half-empty, half-full concept and how, when we focus on the positive aspects of the world, we only attract more of those things, whereas looking at the world with the glass half-empty approach means we’ll attract more negativity.

winner’s mindset – change action

If you keep taking the same action, you’ll always get what you’ve got. Changing our habits allows us to change the trajectory of our lives because if we become stagnant with our actions, we will not only become unchallenged but start living in autopilot. How can we expect to win if we haven’t won so far?

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