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Five incredible ways the Lil Jon guided meditation album helped me

A Lil Jon guided meditation album was not on my bingo card for 2024. He has now created “special meditations,” which is somewhat different to his usual rap album, with the help of Kabir Sehgal. He tells listeners, “It’s time to find peace. It’s time to share my meditation practice with you.”

Lil Jon guided meditation helps me focus

The first track (after the welcome segment) on Lil Jon’s guided meditation album, available on Spotify, is called ‘Boost Focus’. He explains how he meditates before a DJ gig to get him into alignment, where he encourages listeners to feel themselves relaxing as they exhale.

This element of breathwork removes the focus on how nervous I may be before something important, allowing me to re-centre my thoughts and nervous system. It’s the perfect meditation for anyone who needs to start their working day with a productive meditation to get them in the right headspace.

nature sounds bring peace

The track ‘Imagine Nature’ is for you if you love nature. “You know when you go outside and it’s a beautiful day, it feels so beautiful, right? The sun on your face, the rustle of wind in your hair, well I want to channel the element of nature into this meditation,” Lil Jon is heard on the guided meditation track.

He asks listeners to imagine lying beneath the natural pine in a forest, while the track plays the incredible sound of birds tweeting in the distance. It’s beneficial to wrap yourself up in a cozy meditation blanket for this meditation, which lasts 10 minutes and allows you to drift off into a peaceful state.

This particular guided meditation track by Lil Jon helps me feel safe. Did you know that, back in the day, birdsong would be a sign that there were no dangers nearby? On an evolutionary level, your body recognizes it is safe when you can hear the birds tweeting.

nurture friendships

Lil Jon reminds me that friendship is such a blessing in his guided meditation album. He’s “always felt like an outsider,” and I often felt this way before I went on my healing journey. On a relatable level, the rapper talks about friendship requiring constant work, which is something that made me realize I want to find more meaning in my connections.

Telling us we are “safe,” Lil Jon provides us with the presence of friendship – comfort, warmth and safety. He encourages us to close our eyes, to feel our senses, and to use our physical bodies to appreciate and nurture our connections. He then asks us to picture a good friend of ours…

Lil Jon asks us to imagine that friend is knocking at the door, before imagining letting them in. “Welcome them into the room,” he advises, before feeling the energy they bring. Without even doing the physical act, this particular track – ‘Nurture Friendships’ – comes to the forefront whenever I meet a friend in reality.

gratitude reminder

Gratitude is the key to happiness, with key elements like meditation and daily gratitude planners especially useful when it comes to tackling overwhelm. Lil Jon admits he switches his perspective when he feels like he needs to get work done, and “looks at life with a positive spirit,” which “changes everything”.

With Lil Jon’s guided meditation on feeling gratitude, I was reminded to take a deep breath and zoom in on what truly matters in life. I’m transported to a beach in Tahiti, watching the sunset over the ocean while waves gently crash in the distance. The sand is warm under my feet, with a gentle breeze blowing.

anxiety remedy

As someone who used to get nervous about pretty much everything, my anxiety still crops up from time to time. Aside from my NLP techniques, meditation is a great way to deal with anxiety in a manageable way. Lil Jon’s guided meditation helps us relax in a place without stress, pain and worry.

There is only peace, love, and acceptance for who we are in the 10-minute ‘Relieve Anxiety’ track, which takes us through a mindfulness process for letting go. Relaxing our heart is something we often forget to do, but it’s a key part of the rapper’s new meditation album, and it helped me immensely.

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