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Exploring the pipersong meditation chair plus: Benefits

The pipersong meditation chair plus is the new and trendy tool to enhance your spiritual experience in stillness. In the past, I’ve written about meditation blankets and pillows, but this snazzy new chair is the most efficient way to level up your mindfulness with ease.

the pipersong meditation chair plus

With a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, the pipersong meditation chair plus allows you to sit in a variety of different positions such as cross-legged, squatting, kneeling, and others. It is on the pricier side of $399 but if you’re truly committed to your practice, investing in your wellness is worth every penny.

With three different levels, it comes with the usual height of a typical office chair, but then has a lower level to rest your legs on. The shape of the two seats are also entirely original, in a cloud-type shape, with the ability to lever up or down based on your height and preferences.

The seat cushion is 45cm in width and on top of the 7.5cm high resilience foam, they recently added a 3cm memory foam for more comfort. The weight capacity is also 110kg. Overall though, the main goal of the unique chair is to say goodbye to rigid sitting positions and promote the ability to change up the same old long duration posture which wreaks havoc on your back and neck.

benefits of the meditation chair

There are tons of benefits when using the meditation chair – not to mention that it doesn’t even have to be used to meditate. Office workers can use the chair if they prefer to sit cross-legged, as the positioning of the different levels encourages more stimulation throughout the body.

Other benefits include:

  • Promotes constant movement
  • More freedom to sit with 360-degree swivel footstool
  • Comfort support for hips, feet, knees, and ankles while switching positions
  • Crescent-shaped backrest gives perfect lumbar support
  • Extra comfort for long hours of sitting thanks to high resilience foam

how to use the pipersong tool

When you are just want to sit as usual for a while, you can always turn it aside and use it as a normal chair. But when meditating or simply working at your desk, you can use the main seat for your bottom, and place your legs on the lower level in whichever way feels most comfortable.

So you can really use the chair however you want, which is mainly sitting, but fidgets like you and I are able to change positions frequently. You can sit cross-legged (a personal fave I’ve tried to do on normal office chairs – and failed), or even bring your knees up to your chin if you wish.

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