Pink moon.

April pink full moon 2024 manifestation – Call in your desires

Call in your utmost desires during the April pink full moon 2024 manifestation! In this article, I guide you through the powerful full moon that symbolizes rebirth and transformation. This year, the Pink Moon is positioned as a full moon in Scorpio, a water sign ruled by intimacy, sexuality, the shadow self, and the occult.

April pink full moon 2024 manifestation

Relationships and love are the focus during the April pink full moon 2024 manifestation ceremony. With the full moon in Scorpio, the pink full moon brings great attention to how we share resources in our lives and within the world. Symbolizing a period of new growth and rebirth, the power of this moon does end up influencing the zodiac signs.

While some signs may need to take stock and rebalance, others might anticipate a stable and prosperous time ahead. Each sign will experience the pink full moon differently, so it’s worth looking up your house sign and zodiac sign, to see what you should be calling in this season.

For Taurus, they are encouraged to call in relationships and love, as well as focus on business partners. Virgos are asked to look into sibling relationships, as well as their mindsets.

How to set up your moon ceremony

The best and most powerful way to call in the pink moon for April 2024 is to sit directly underneath the illuminating light. Allow your gaze to focus on the moon itself, which is due to take place around 9.30 pm in the UK on April 24. You can light candles, set up mood lighting, grab a blanket, and sit in a meditative position.

With index finger to thumb, keep a gentle gaze on the moon while you think about and write down your desires. You can do this by yourself if you get easily distracted, or surround yourself with like-minded friends you feel aligned with. The energy has to be sacred and safe.

If you would prefer to work with a mindset or meditation coach like me, then I have space for coaching calls this week. The power of the pink full moon is greatest while it’s out, but the strength of manifesting will shine through the rest of the week.

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